Lits Camping

Many guests choose Lits Camping because of our beautiful and relaxed environment, but there are also plenty of things to do for those who prefer certain activities. At the campsite you can canoe, play mini golf or take a refreshing swim in the lake. In addition, Östersund and Jämtland are a gold mine when there are activities and adventures.


Here at Lits Camping we have a large swimming area with a real sandy beach. There are 2 stationary jetties as well as one floating around. Right next to the beach we have a playground with swings, climbing wall, slide, and more.


Behind our swimming area we have a beach volleyball plan that is open to anyone to use. You can rent volleyballs


We have a number of bikes that we lend to our campers for free. There are mostly children’s bikes but we also have some medium ones too.

Miniature golf

Play mini golf on our course for 40 SEK (Adult) or 20 SEK (Children under 15)


We have a football pitch just 60 meters from the reception which is free to use. However, there can be football training there and they have priority. You can also borrow a football at the reception for SEK 10.


We have a tennis court about 100 m away from the reception which is open to the public. You can borrow the racket and ball for 25 SEK / pcs.


One of our more popular things to use at the campsite is our newly renovated sauna. Directly outside the door, a jetty goes down to the water if you want to take a dip. The sauna can accommodate up to 10 people.

Price: 295 SEK .incl wood (you get firewood and you light the sauna)
Price: 595 SEK .incl firewood (you get firewood and we light the sauna for you)


Just behind the reception we have two trampolines that are free to use for our campers. Jumping is at your own risk.


We have an incredibly fine fishing in the Indalsälven and Hårkan. We have everything from perch, grayling, trout, whitefish and pike. Then you have an incredible luck that we sell fishing licenses for the entire Indalsälven and Hårkan. At the reception we also sell fishing equipment and worms. For tips and other questions, contact the reception.

Prices for fishing license:
Day pass 40 SEK *
Weekly card SEK 100 *
Annual card 150 SEK *
* Children under 16 can fish on their parents’ cards


We have a large tent that is free to use for all our campers. If you want to rent it for a company, please come to the reception and we will arrange a price estimate.

There are tables, sofas made of pallets, chairs, bar table, barbecue ring and electrical outlets.


From the campsite there is a very nice path to walk through the forest. The Högfors trail starts from the campsite and goes about 8 km upstream through the forest along Hårkan. This trail has nice scenery and some incredible views.
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There is also a smaller trail of about 1 km that goes around the campsite.

Table Tennis

We also have a ping pong table, racket and balls if you wish to play it.
It costs 40 SEK for our guests and 80 SEK for outsiders.

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