We have over 25 years of experience in sending out people on canoe trips.

We have perhaps the most suitable place throughout Jämtland for a canoe center, located right where the river Hårkan meets up with Indalsälven. Both which are possible to paddle on throughout the ice-free part of the year.

Here you can make your way from the Norwegian mountains and follow the current all the way down to the Baltic Sea.

To help you with the planning for an unforgettable canoe trip you can take advantage of our experience and our transport service to convenient starting locations. We can also sort out pickups downstream on the coast or in the mountains. As assistance we use four-wheel drive Land Rover and/or VW-buses, spacious and comfortable.

Other than canoes we also offer outdoor equipment and tents. for rent Fishing permits are for sale in the reception.

Our most popular trip is on the river Hårkan (see the video above). But we also offer trips on Indalsälven, Långan, Storån, Gimån and Ströms Vattudal.

Read more about the long trips below.


Our most popular tour offers breathtaking scenery and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. Hårkan runs through several lakes and becomes a long, winding river towards the end.

Estimated time is 2-10 days. Paddle downstream from the Norwegian mountains back to Lits Camping.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.

Read more about the Hårkan Tour


Perfect family outing for beginners and professionals who want to paddle a culture tour in the unique river valley of Indalsälven.

Estimated time is 2-10 days. Indalsälven flows from the mountains all the way to the Baltic Sea. You start out from Lits Camping and we will pick you up downstream. Difficulty: Easy.

Read more about the Indalsälven Tour


Långan flows parallel with Hårkan and can be paddled only in spring when the water level is high, generally before Midsummer (around 20 June). Långan is a much more difficult river to paddle because of the many rapids.

Långan you can start in lake Bergsjön about 120 km from the canoe center, approximately 5-9 days with canoe or kayak.

We are currently working on a more detailed description of Långan, hopefully finished in 2017.


Gimån is quite a difficult river, because of all the rapids. Experience is essential, otherwise you have to carry your canoe quite often. But if you can and want to paddle rapids, then Gimån is perfect!

For a daytrip there is also a small river flowing into Gimån called Sännån. This river has been visited by school classes every year for 20 years.


You can start in the lake Laxsjön or along the road to Strömsund where Storån runs just next to the road.

Storån river is also dependent on the water level. So early summer and spring before midsummer is generally good. Some summers when it rains a lot you can usually paddle later than that too.

Storån has decent fishing for trout and grayling. Pike and perch close to Sikås makes Storån a nice fishing spot. Fishing licenses can be purchased in the gas stations in Laxsjö OKQ8 or Hammerdal OKQ8.

End your tour at the bird tower in Sikås. It is a good landmark, there is plenty of parking and you do not have to paddle the last kilometer in headwind to Hammerdal.

Ströms Vattudal

This trip was popular during the time the municipality of Strömsund ran a canoe center in the 1970-1980’s. Today their business is down. Since then there has been a few people kayaking this stretch that is about 120 km long and ends in Strömsund.

Starting point is in Blåsjöfjällen above Gäddede. This route is not ideal for canadian canoes, since it can get really windy on the big lake systems that this tour passes through.

Rent a canoe and take the car up to the start, and then paddle to Strömsund. Then take the bus back to get your car. We can also transport you out, but this might get a bit expensive since we have to drive you both ways.