When you rent a canoe, you are welcome to transport it yourself. For safety reasons, its important that you secure it to your car roof in the right way.

Four anchor points recommended: Over the roof rack (1, 2), in the front of the car on extra lights or tow hook (3), and finally in the back around a trailer hitch or towing (4).

Use a strap of lighter variety, around 25 mm width, with a big buckle. This sort of strap is available at petrol stations, comes in red, around 350 centimeters long.

Don’t use such a strap you may use to woodwork as they might damage the canoe due to a tensile strength of perhaps 1000 kg.

Below some suggestions for lakes and rivers close to Lits Camping.


The small river Dammån flows into Indalsälven, close to Mattmar and E14, about 70 kilometers from Lit. A suggestion is to take the canoe on a car roof and park at the outlet, then paddle upstream Dammån with beautiful sandy beaches. You can paddle for as many hours as you have time and strength.

This tour can be advantageous to turn into a 2 day tour, i.e. paddle a little further, then stay overnight in tents. Good fishing for trout & pike. There is plenty of beaver in the area, so prepare to see beaver huts and hear the occasional beaver warning you with a loud splash.

If you’re paddling during berry season (August-October) there should be both blueberries & cloudberries nearby.


Nice day trip on a lake which is located along road E45 Lit – Östersund. You can start in one end of the lake and then paddle along the lake into a smaller river which flows into the southern end of the lake.

You can paddle in the river a couple of kilometers before you’ll reach a small waterfall which is the end of your journey if you do not want to carry around it.


Näkten is a lake about 30 km long, located just south of Östersund if you continue past Tandsbyn along route E45. Näkten has lots of lovely islands.

Kayaking is recommended because of the changing weather. Of course it is also nice to paddle canoes which has the advantage of having more space for kids & dogs.

Näkten is such a large lake that it is more than sufficient to do a 2 day tour. Here you can also fish char; you may buy a fishing license at the OKQ8 petrol station along E45 near Hackås


Drive along route E45 towards Östersund from Lit. Turn left at Mosjön towards Bringåsen and then across road 87 towards Brynje, about 40 km from Lit.

Singsjön is a nice lake for day trips, with good fishing. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the boat rental & café at Singsjön. Good char and trout fishing.

Other Lakes

The largest lakes in Jämtland are really the most inopportune lakes to paddle because of the ever changing weather in Jämtland. We recommend these only when the weather forecast is stable and if you are experienced.

When paddling on these lakes you should keep a maximum distance of 20 meters to the shore. Preferably you paddle kayak and have experience so you can handle rough weather.