Because of the COVID-19 corona virus that is now spreading in the world, it is now more important than ever that we respect all the guidelines that are set and that we take care of one another.
We at Lits Camping are no exception and we are now doing everything possible to try to reduce the risk of infection to our staff and our customers. We comply with the Public Health Authority restrictions and keep us updated.
Below you can see all the actions we are currently taking!


Here at the reception we have set up screen between staff and customer. We also ensure that all equipment we come into contact with is sanitized and gives to your customers.

You can also see the signs that we have set up that tell you to keep 1.5 m distance between each other.

Dressing room

In our changing rooms we have put up signs that limit the number of people in each room. As you can see on the sign, there is a maximum of 6 people per dressing room.

Then we have marked out on the floor so you can keep at least 1.5 m between each other.

Transport and equipment

We have equipped our transport cars with guards between the rear seats and the driver. The plastic is transparent so it does not affect either the driver or the passenger. The pictures on the left show what it looks like.

We have 6 seats behind the driver and 1 seat on the passenger side. We will equip the car with protective masks that can be used for the person sitting on the passenger side. If you get more than 7 people, there is no problem to arrange. We have more cars available.

When it comes to paddles, life jackets and other canoeing / kayaking equipment we will make sure to spray and wash all such equipment after use. Therefore, it is extremely important that you bring the equipment to the reception.


As usual, our cabins will be cleaned after every check-out. However, we have added to the cleaning list to spray handles, TV boxes and the like. Simply matters that can become a greater risk of infection.

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