In the self-catering cabins there is running water. But not in the camping or log cabins. There is a water barrel that you can use to collect water from the kitchen in the service building. It’s open 24/7 and about 70m from the cabin.

It depends a little on what cabin you have booked. Please see: Cabins or Prices for cabins

Yes, in our Self-catering cabins we have a couple of heating elements in all the rooms to both lower and raise the the temperature.

In our timber and camping cabins, we have one heating element in each cabin and during the winter we put in one extra aswell.

Yes, mosquito window will be in all of our cabins. They might be located in the hallway, underneath the beds, in the closet or outside on the porch.
If you can’t find any. Tell the staff as soon as possible.

Yes, we have parking spots outside off all our cabins.
Our Self-catering cabins also have 2 electrical outlets by the parking.

For cancellations, the entire prepayment is normally refunded except for an administrative fee of SEK 250. If you cancel at the last minute, that is, later than 12.00 the day before, we charge the cost of the first night in charge.

You are welcome to bring pets (except cats). Make sure they do not stay in the beds or on the sofa.

There are TVs in the Self-catering cabins. However, there is no TV in the timber- or camping cabins. We do have a TV in our general kitchen that is open 24/7 and about 70 meters from the cabin.


No. However, you may have to keep the canoe / kayak for the days for which you paid.

For canoe transport, the transport cost is always paid in advance. We offer invoice, Swish or payment link. The rest is paid on site before departure.

No, you can just come by. Keep in mind that we only have day rentals of canoes / kayaks, so it will not be cheaper to rent for only a few hours.


In one car we can seat up to 9 passengers in addition to the driver.

A maximum of 4 barrels can fit per canoe

In general, we do not recommend sitting three in a canoe as it will impair the whole experience. If you sit three, it becomes very heavy. It can go well if you have a very small child with you sitting in the middle, but we would never recommend three adults to sit in a canoe.

Then we would rather rent a canoe and a kayak. If you still want to sit three in a canoe, we have a few with three seats. We rent these canoes only for day trips and no longer tours.

No, we only have 1 person kayaks

We meet at the reception at 10 am to sign the rental contract and start loading the car.

If you have your own canoe and only want to pay for transfer the price will be the same as our normal transfer prices (see: Canoe prices) but with an added fee of 50% of the original price. Contact us for more information.

Yes, we recommend to always bring a trolley so that you can easily transport the canoe on land. This is a must if you are paddling Hårkan since there are several power stations which you cannot paddle through.

You also don’t have to empty the canoe when transporting it with a trolley.

Yes, we strongly recommend packing barrels. They are extremely water-safe and very durable so the risk of them breaking is minimal. Also, if they end up in the water they will float.
Packing bags are much less durable than barrels.

We can transport a maximum of 10 canoes per car, canoe trailer included.

No, this is not possible due to two major things. First of all, included in the transfer price is all the service around your tour, such as maps and instructions. Secondly, we never want to drop off two separate groups on the same starting point.

This is because we want our customers to be able to experience the wilderness without it feeling crowded on the water. Therefore, it is not cheaper to share a car with another group.

If you are interested in a tour in July/August you should book your tour at least 3-4 months in advance. If you have a certain date in mind and is not very flexible you might have to book even 5-6 months in advance.

We have a limited amount of cars and drivers and since some dates are more popular we cannot guarantee that you get the date you want if.

To paddle a canoe is not difficult at all and if you want we will gladly show you some of the basics before letting you out on the water. You are very welcome to come by at any time our reception is open and we will help you get started!

Learn more at

It differs from year to year, but usually from the middle of May depending on weather and wind, and how early the ice melts. In the autumn you are usually able to paddle until the end of October. If you don’t mind cold nights, autumn in Jämtland is a beautiful time to experience the northern wilderness!

For longer canoe tours we have Canadian canoes from different brands and types. Our most common kayaks are Prijon Kodiak. If you want to read more about how much packing the kayaks take, see: Prijon Kodiak

Yes, you do. In our reception we sell fishing licences for both around Lit and for almost the whole Hårkan tour. If you are doing the 150 km tour you will have to get a separate license for Norway.
We can make a stop on the way up if you want to buy one.

You will find the most common types of fish in Hårkan: perch, grayling, trout, common whitefish and pike

Yes, and it is important to stay updated about current rules, for example if there is a ban on fishing in a certain lake or of certain kinds of fish. You can always ask us what applies before heading out.

The most common animals here are moose, reindeer, deer, fox and beaver. Occasionally there are brown bears in the forest but they are rare and very shy towards people. You should always show respect toward the animals and never try to intimidate or scare them, you could end up in a dangerous situation. But in general they are not dangerous.

Yes, a normal summer it can be a lot of mosquitos so we recommend to bring mosquito repellent.

We also sell mosquito repellent in the reception.

During the spring we strongly discourage you to drink the water in Hårkan because of the spring flood that collects all the dirt from the sides along with it.
However, during the summer you can drink the water as long as you are aware of where you take the water from. For example don’t fill up your water bottle where the water isn’t moving!

No we don’t. However, we collaborate with several canoe coaches, for example, Matt Larsson-Clifford who runs Sweden Outdoors Coaching among other.

Everyone has a responsibility to keep themselves updated and follow the rules that Allemansrätten imply when you are out in nature. Read about Allemansrätten here: Allemansrätten

Up until a week before your transfer date it costs 250 SEK in cancellation fee, the money you’ve paid in advance you will get back. If it’s less than a week before we cannot offer you any money back that you’ve already paid.

Yes maps are included in the price and we will go through them with you before heading out.

By 110 km and 60 km it’s possible to reach nearby villages where you can re-supply. We will show you on the map before we drop you off how to get there if needed.

In general the water levels in Hårkan are good since it’s controlled by all the power stations. If the water levels should be so low so it may lead to problems for you we will contact you in advance to let you know.

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Grace Garcia Pettersen
Grace Garcia Pettersen
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Katarina Eckhardt
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Daniel Ekstedt
Daniel Ekstedt
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Mycket trevlig camping och mycket trevlig personal, vi var där häromdagen och badade med barnen, fin strand och fin botten i vattnet samt perfekt med en lekplats på stranden också, Hit kommer vi åka många fler gånger 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
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Malin Ekendahl
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Ida Kruth
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Rolf A Westerlund
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Bra och charmig camping,ordning och reda,rent.Nära till natur och fiske 6 gången vi är här