Complete price list for equipment


Complete price list for transport


Complete price list for tents


We have regular classic sleeping mats.

It is a Trangia kitchen with an alcohol burner.

No, unfortunately we dont have packing bags for rent. However, we have packing bags for sale in reception.

Depending on what it is, you may be required to pay for the lost / destroyed equipment.

During July and August, it is important to be out in time and book a date, preferably as early as 3-4 months in advance to get the date you want.
We have a limited number with cars / drivers and some dates are more popular than others and then it is first come, first served which concerns. However, we are flexible and most things can be solved.

For longer canoe trips we have Canadian canoes of different brands and types.

Our most common kayaks are Prijon Kodiak. If you want to read more about them or any other information, you read these:


Generally, the water levels in Hårkan are always good as the water flow is controlled by power stations. Should the water levels have dropped so much that it could possibly be a problem to paddle, we will contact you well in advance.


No, although you will be able to keep the equipment for the remaining days for which you have paid rent.

We strongly advise against drinking the water in the spring because of the spring flood that draws all dirt from the sides of the river. During the summer and autumn, it is up to you if you want take the risk of drinking the water from the river. However, most people usually bring fresh water with them so you make it for a few days.

Yes, maps of the whole trip are included in the price.

Yes, a normal summer there can be quite a lot of mosquitoes in the forest. We recommend bringing mosquito repellent on the canoe trip. We also sell mosquito repellent at the reception


Yes, we recommend always having a canoe / kayak wagon with you. This is to ease the transport of the canoe / kayak on land. You might need to unpack the canoe / kayak before lifting it up on the wagoon. Depending on how much packing you have. When it’s up on the wagon, you can pack the canoe again. But note that under no circumstances can you load two canoes / kayaks on a wagon, they will break because of the weight!


Yes, we recommend using packing barrels for all packing. They are incredibly durable so the risk to damage them is minimal. And if an accident happen, they float. Garbage bags or Waterproof packing bags are much less durable than packing barrels, but it can be good to have bring with you smaller pack bags for mobile phone, first aid and other things you want easily accessible in the canoe. As a maximum, 4 barrels can fit inside the canoe.

No. This is partly because the cost of transport also includes maps and all services around your canoe trip and partly because we don’t want to let go of two different groups at the same starting point or even in close proximity to each other, so that one can experience nature without feeling it crowded on the water.
So it doesn’t get cheaper even if you would share a car with another group.

NOTE! However, situations can arise when you have to share transport with another group due to illness or other but we always try to solve it the best way possible.


We have three types of tents for rent in different quality and price ranges

It is:
    ➔ TrueNorth Arctic 2-3p
    ➔ Hilleberg Keron 2-3p
    ➔ Tentipi in three different sizes: 2-4p, 4-8p, 10-12p

The prices you can see to the left.

Depending on what it is, you may be required to pay for the lost / destroyed equipment. We have a full list for those items here.

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