Please take a few minutes to read through our Terms and Conditions for renting canoes and cabins. Don’t hesitate to Contact us should you have any questions.

Booking Terms

  1. Prepayment generally applies to all reservations, with the exception of camping (not during Storsjöcupen). The advance payment is usually 1 night of accommodation; for canoe trips the advance payment is the transport cost. For larger groups/reservations other terms may apply.
  2. Your reservation is confirmed after the prepayment is made.
  3. If you want to change the date of your reservation, you may do so at any time at no additional cost – provided there is available lodging/transport on the date you want to change to.
  4. If a reservation is canceled, the full amount, except 250 SEK in administrative charge, is normally refunded.
  5. If a reservation is canceled within 24 hours before check-in, the advance payment is normally not refunded. There may be exceptions, such as strikes, acute illness (with medical certificate), force majeure etc. These sort of events are very rare and have to be judged on a case by case basis. We always strive to be flexible and fair.
  6. For larger bookings (more than 4 cabins) other conditions may apply and specific cancelation terms should be negotiated on a case by case basis. For bigger groups/reservations we reserve us the right to keep a larger share of the advance payment as administrative fee if a reservation is canceled. If a reservation is canceled up to 10 days before check-in, the advance payment is normally not refunded for larger bookings (more than 4 cabins).

Rental Terms (Cabins)

  1. Check out by 12:00 the day of departure. We reserve us the right to charge additional rent if guests overstay.
  2. Check in 15:00 to 18:00. You are welcome to arrive later,, but please let us know in advance. During peak season the reception is open until 22:00.
  3. All our cabins are non-smoking.
  4. Pets (except cats) are welcome in all our cabins, please advise at time of booking.
  5. If there are deficiencies and/or anything is missing in the cabin you rented, you should first notify the staff and give us the opportunity to assess and remedy any deficiencies. A possible error in a cabin does not automatically mean a reduced price on your stay. This is always assessed case by case. We always strive to be flexible and fair.
  6. For companies there are special rental terms.
Sheets and Towels

Please note that sheets and/or towels are not included in the price, but we offer them for rent. Please make a reservation beforehand.

The price for 1 set, including sheets and towel, is 50 SEK/set.

When you check out, please bring the dirty sheets and towels to the reception and hand them over to the staff (unless you also bought cleaning service, in that case you may leave them in the cabin).

Cleaning Service

Normally you always clean the cabin yourself on checking out. However, we can clean the cabin for you. Please reserve this service as soon as possible, at the latest on the evening before departure.

The prices for cleaning service is as listed below:

  • Self-Catering Cabin 250 SEK (1-2 nights), 550 SEK (3+ nights)
  • Timber Cabin 150 SEK (1-2 nights), 350 SEK (3+ nights)
  • Camping Cabin 100 SEK (1-2 nights), 295 SEK (3+ nights).

We then clean the whole cabin for you, with the exception of doing the dishes and carrying out the garbage. If you also rented sheets and towels, please leave these in a pile on the couch.

The following supplies should be in the self-catering cabins on arrival:

  • Washing-up liquid
  • Detergent (floors/toilet)
  • Toilet paper (1 roll)
  • Hand soap (shampoo are not provided).

Minor damage to the furniture/equipment is covered by the tenant after consultation with the staff. A reasonable amount is agreed upon, depending on the circumstances specific to the situation.

Completely destroyed fixtures/furniture/appliances are replaced by the tenant according to the following price list.

If there’s anything broken or missing in the cabin, please notify the front desk immediately, so we can fix the problem as soon as possible (see point 5 of the Rental Terms).

Rental Terms (Canoes and Equipment)

  1. Daily rent (not 24 hours) applies for all rentals of canoes and equipment. Canoes and equipment should be returned by 21.00. We reserve us the right to charge additional rent if canoes/equipment is returned later than 21.00.
  2. All canoening with our canoes/kayaks takes place at your own risk. It’s on your own responsibility to know and follow current laws and legislation.
  3. The customer needs to be able to swim and is obligated to use a lifejacket.
  4. Normally we meet up for canoe transports at 09.00 in the reception. We reserve us the right to organize the transport according to seats with other groups departing on the same day.
  5. All canoes/kayaks are returned to us washed out and placed upside down in their right place. The packing compartments also needs to be clean and washed out (sponge for washing out is provided by us).
  6. We can clean the canoe/kayak for you for a fee of 200 SEK, this is also the amount we charge for an uncleaned canoe/kayak.
  7. Trangia outdoor kitchen are returned to us washed up.
  8. Packing barrels are returned washed out and clean.

All of our canoes/kayaks are insured. As a customer, you risk 1000 SEK deductible for major damage. For minor damages, we can together agree on an appropriate compensation.

If several canoes/kayaks beyond 1 is ruined by the same group, there will be 2000 SEK extra deductable fee for canoe/kayak no. 2; 4000 SEK for canoe/kayak no. 3 due to extreme carelessness, and so forth.

Any damage caused to the rented equipment will be charged the rental customer. Check with your home insurance company what your home insurance covers. Completely destroyed equipment are replaced according to the following price list.

Personal Data – GDPR Lits Camping & Canoe

What information do we collect about you?

“Personal Information” means any information that may be linked directly or indirectly to a living person. We treat only your personal information in accordance with applicable law. We can collect personal information directly from you when you use our booking system (Sirvoy,

Information we may collect from you:
  1. Identity tasks eg. name
  2. Contact information eg. e-mail address, phone number, address
  3. IP address (if you book via our website)
  4. Desires and other needs
  5. Sensitive personal information such as information about your health condition (for example, if you book a disabled room)
  6. Other information you provide in connection with your booking (for example, your travel company)
  7. Information about completed purchases (receipts)
Why do we collect your personal information?

If you book accommodation with us, we process your personal information for the purpose of providing, managing, following up and charging you for your booking.

This also includes using your personal information in order to remind or inform you of your booking in connection with your stay. It is necessary that you provide the information we request in order to handle your booking.

When you book for someone else, you are responsible for giving their permission so that Lits Camping & Kanot can process their personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

To whom do we provide your personal information?

We may share your personal information to our subcontractors, providing IT services or assisting us with analysis or statistics. We only provide personal information for purposes that are consistent with the purposes for which we have collected them.

We may share your personal information to the police if we by law are obligated to.

How do we protect your personal information?

We have taken appropriate steps to protect your personal information against loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We continuously adjust our security measures to maintain a high level of security.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We keep our Privacy Policy updated and we will publish our updates on this website. This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 7, 2018.

Lits Camping undertakes to rectify any information which proves to be incorrect, incomplete or otherwise irrelevant.

Request for Registry Extract: You are entitled to receive information about how Lits Camping deals with your personal information. This is done by a self-signed request to Lits Camping.

The letter is sent to:

Lits Camping

Lillsjöhögen 275

831 91 Östersund

By registering your personal data, you consent to Lits Camping as a controller of personal data, using the information in order to perform Lits Campings obligations towards you as a customer.