The Indalsälven Tour is perfect for a family or a group of beginners, but also for professionals who want to experience more of a culture tour, rather than wilderness.

You set out directly from Lits Camping, where Indalsälven is making its way to the Baltic sea. Later, we pick you and the canoes up downstream.

The beauty of Indalsälven is that along the way you have the opportunity to stay in a hostel or cabin rather than tent if you have bad luck with the weather.

As mentioned you start your trip from Lits Camping. Here you can either rent cabins or pitch your tent right by the river. Many groups arrive the day before setting out and prepare the tour with grocery shopping in Lit or Östersund, and to check equipment. Preparation is key for a successful tour.

We will provide you with maps so that you are prepared where to lift over ports, and with sights marked out.

The trip goes through mixed forest and cultural landscape. Depending on how much you choose to paddle each day, expect 7-10 days to the coast.

The Indalsälven Tour is great for fishing, bird watching, picking berries and mushrooms and in general experiencing the wonderful nature. Please see below for few interesting stops along the way.

Stuguberget (The Stugun Mountain)

Almost 40 km from the start in Lit is one of Norrland’s best climbing mountains, only 500 meters from the river. For those who make it all the way up there is a breathtaking view of the river stretching down towards the coast.

There are different routes with different difficulty levels to get to the top. In Stugun, next to the river, you can stock up on food and other necessities at the grocery store ICA, OKQ8.

Paddling to Stugun is perfect for a 2-day tour from Lit.

Zorb Center

Zorb center is located in Döviken near the river. Here you can drive quads in the mud. They also offer Zorbing, zipline, as well as accommodation in newly built log cabins near the river.
Website: Zorb Center

Döda fallet (Dead Fall)

The Dead Fall is just like it sounds, dead. But it used to be one of Sweden’s biggest waterfalls with 35 meters of vertical drop. Exhibition open from mid-June to August.
Website: Dead Fall

Thai Pavilion

The Thai Pavilion is a splendid Eastern pavilion erected to King Chulalongkorn’s memory in 1897, the year when he visited Sweden and Indalsälven. The pavilion is located in Utanede close to the river, just before Hölleforsen power plant.
Website: Thai Pavilion


Further down the river lies a very beautiful resting area by Sandriset, upstreams from Sillre Såg. It is located on a flat ledge close to the narrow river, which flows between the steep mountainsides. This is one of the most scenic places in Jämtland.

There is also a 20 meter high waterfall, called Brattfallet, which can be reached by a walking trail at Sandriset.


If you continue along Indalsälven you will eventually end up in Liden. Here there is a campsite (Kävstabrons Campsite) right on the river, just after you paddled under a road bridge.

From the campsite in Liden there is another 14 km to go down to Bergeforsen Camping and Cottages. Here we can pick you up – or only the canoe – if you rather wish to continue from here with train, bus or bicycle.

If you have paddled all the way to Bergeforsen you have paddled at least 180 km, if you started in Lit. To manage this trip you need at least a week, preferably 10 days, to have time to experience all the nature and sights along the way.

If you choose to paddle the entire way to the coast by Bergeforsens Laxakvarium & Camping you will pass 10 power stations. In order of appearance: Midskog, Näverede, Stugun, Krångede, Gammelänge, Hammerforsen, Stadsforsen, Hölleforsen and Järvkvissle.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions on the Indalsälven Tour.

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