This is our simplest and cheapest cabin that has everything you need for a shorter stay or an overnight stay. These cottages are nothing we recommend if you are going to stay longer, then we have our Timber cabins or our Self-catering cabin that might be a better fit.

We have a total of 11 camping cabins and they are 8 sqm. The cabin is equipped with 2 bunk beds (4 beds in total) The lower levels are 90 cm and the top levels are 75 cm.

In the cottage there is also a fridge, table between the beds, microwave, coffee maker and a kettle. There is no running water in the cottage but there is in the service building which is about 75 m away. There you will find showers, toilets and a general kitchen with TV. You have access to that building 24/7.

Just outside the cottage you also have the opportunity to park the car as well as a smaller terrace with tables and chairs.

Terms and conditions for booking

Advance payment generally applies to all reservations. The exception is camping outside Storsjöcupen. The prepayment is usually 1 night for accommodation and the transport cost for canoe trips. For larger groups / bookings other conditions may apply.

Your booking is confirmed after the prepayment has been completed.

If you want to change the dates of your booking, you can do so at any time at no extra cost – provided that on the date you want to change there is free accommodation / canoe transport.

Upon cancellation, the entire prepayment is normally refunded except SEK 250 in administrative fee.

If canceled 24 hours before check-in, prepayment is not normally refunded: exceptions can occur, for example, during a strike, acute illness (medical certificate), force majeure etc. We always strive to be flexible and fair.

For larger bookings (more than 4 cottages) other conditions may apply and specific cancellation conditions should be negotiated on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to charge a larger share of the administrative fee for cancellations for larger bookings. If canceled 10 days prior to check-in, prepayment will not be refunded for larger bookings (more than 4 cottages).

Terms and conditions for cabins

Check-out is no later than 12.00 on the day of departure. We reserve the right to charge extra rent if the time is not followed.

Check-in usually take place between 15.00-18.00. You can arrive later, but please let us know in advance. During high season the reception is open until 22:00.

All our cottages are non-smoking.

If there are deficiencies and / or something missing in the cabin you rented, you should firstly report the error to the reception and give us the opportunity to assess and rectify any defect. Any error in a cabin does not automatically mean a reduced price on the rent but is always assessed on a case-by-case basis. We always strive to be flexible and fair.

Special rental conditions apply to companies.


You clean your cabin yourself before check-out. If you do not want to clean yourself, you can buy that service. ”Final cleaning” is pre-booked at least the evening before check-out, but preferably as early as possible.

The ”Final cleaning” price is as follows:  

  • Camping cabins SEK 100 (1-2 nights), SEK 295 (3 nights or more)

We clean the whole cottage for you, but you wash the dishes and throw away the garbage before you leave. If you have also rented sheets / towels, you put these in a pile on the sofa.

What is the latest time to check out?

Our latest time for checkout is 12:00. If something would cause you to not be able to check out during that time, please let us know as soon as possible.

Can I bring pets?

You are welcome to bring pets (except cats). Make sure they do not stay in the beds or on the sofa.

How large is the cabin?

There are 4 beds and the cottage is 16 square meters so you can compare it with a living room.

Sheets and towels

The rental price of cottages does not include sheets and / or towels. These can be rented for an extra fee and should be pre-booked.

Price for sheets + towel is 50 SEK / set.

On the day of the check-out, you can remove the sheets and linens from the bed and but them in the bag they were packed in.

Här i Jämtland kan ni räkna med en oförglömlig upplevelse i orörd natur.

Vi kan erbjuda er en skräddarsydd kanottur i flera älvar som ligger långt från storstadens liv och rörelse.

I våra trakter finns möjligheten att se och lyssna på vilda djur i deras naturliga omgivningar; på Jämtlands yta 30 000 km2 finns det ca 30 000 älgar som strövar fritt i naturen. Förutom älgar har vi björn, bäver och renar som fritt lever i Jämtlands skogar. Du får uppleva tystnaden och slipper trängsel med andra människor – kanske du kan få en skymt av dessa djur under din kanottur.

Givetvis har vi mycket fina fiskevatten, med chans till fångster av harr, sik, öring röding, aborre och gädda.

Vi är idag en av Norrlands största kanotcentraler. Det betyder att du som gillar att paddla har stor anledning att komma hit. Här kan du få tips på dagsturer, helgturer eller turer upp till flera veckor från fjällen.

Vi transporterar dig och kanoten upp till en lämplig startplats i vildmarken. En sådan tur avslutar du på campingen där du kan duscha och tälta eller hyra en stuga sista natten för att slappna av lite innan hemfärd.

Vid dagsturer behöver du ingen transport utan kan utgå direkt från campingen.

Förutom på sommaren är det även mycket fint att paddla vår och höst. Säsongen sträcker sig mellan maj och september.

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